The software company that invests in you.

If you're looking to be challenged, to learn, and to be part of something successful, you’ve come to the right place.

At EndGame, we’ve built a reputation on developing software and launching products through partnering with entrepreneurial-minded founders that want to solve problems with technology.

This means our people are equally curious about using technology to provide solutions that make our world better.

Take look through what makes us tick on this page, and if you think you’d like to play a part in EndGame’s future, please get in touch!

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Our Values

How we play

It's important to know that what matters to us also matters to you.
We're in this together

Achieving great things requires us to maintain high standards and deliver excellence. To achieve this, we strive to be deliberate, commit, take responsibility and to see things though.

Be a pioneer

We’re always looking to experiment, learn and improve -  that’s why we constantly iterate through build, measure, learn. We’re agile in how we think about problems and how we deliver solutions.

Be ready to help

Our industry has huge potential, but in many ways is self-serving.  We choose to be different. Serving with integrity, with commitment, and with excellence are our non-negotiable’s.  To achieve this is simple: be ready to help.

Bring your best

Achieving great things requires us to maintain high standards and deliver excellence. To achieve this, we strive to be deliberate, commit, take responsibility and to see things though.

Ask Why?

Asking why drives our desire to deliver the right thing and to position ourselves for breakthrough in ways that give our partners an unfair advantage in their market.

Our Benefits

Some extras

A flexible & encouraging team environment

Our squads are a core feature of EndGame. As part of a squad, you'll have access to, and be supported by other talented people who are passionate about the success of our partners and EndGame.

Opportunities to learn & share what you know

We recognise the need, and encourage people to continuously learn and develop at EndGame. These opportunities occur through formalised training, as well as our internal mentoring processes. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills to your squad and other at EndGame.

Team celebrations

Social interactions play a big part in creating the culture at EndGame. Our squads and teams have regular events to recognise and celebrate achievements and milestones that mean something to us.

Annual health allowance

Looking after yourself is important. That's why we have an annual health allowance that is available to be spent as you see fit so you can take care of yourself.

Open Jobs

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Software Developer
We're on the hunt for a Software Developer to join the growing team at EndGame!
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Project Administrator
We're on the lookout for a Project Administrator keen to get stuck in and make things happen with the team at EndGame.
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Product Manager
We're looking for a Product Manager to take on amazing opportunities to make game changing software.
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Squad Leader
We're looking for a person with a well-rounded skillset to lead a squad and contribute to success at EndGame.
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Create your own role
We're always on the look out for talented people to join our team. Here's your chance to make one for yourself.
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I want to learn and develop. Will EndGame support me?

Yes! EndGame has a self-driven, organisationally aligned, quest for mastery. As fancy as that sounds, it means we believe that autonomy in learning that is useful to the company leads to genuine engagement with our work. Everyone benefits.

We do our best to keep an environment that allows our interests and aptitudes to flourish with four intertwining learning pathways:

- Organic, self-directed learning objectives with associated measurable results
- Pre-emptive, just in time learning for new technologies and practices
- Formalised external courses and conferences for targeted improvementIn house peer groups (huddles) which are a kind of community of practice
- Mentoring

It is expected that anyone receiving training will teach others. There is no better way to embed learning than by teaching. This may be done through a Friday lunch talk, a TEG talk, huddles or ad-hoc discussions.

What sort of tech stack is used at EndGame?

Our bread and butter is Azure, C# and React, but we have a sprinkling of products using TypeScript and MongoDB. We mostly love Docker and have a huge appreciation for IaC with Terraform.

How does EndGame implement and practice Agile?

We do our best to embody the mindset of agility across the entire company and are learning to view life through the lens of complexity theory. Practically this means we are open to experiments to try continuous improvement ideas. The most obvious thing to see though is that our development cycles are built on a combination of scrum and Kanban, with a bit of nuance from lean.

What sort of people and skillsets typically work for EndGame?

The sort of people you wish were your colleagues!

Seriously, to quote Joel Spolksy - “smart and gets things done” is a description apt for any EndGamer. We have a tribe who walk the balance beam of pursuing technical excellence while focusing on delivering value to our customers quickly - alongside being kind and helpful. People who thrive here tend to love solving hard problems with useful, practical, pragmatic solutions, in combination with other people.