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We built Rataora, Hazman and Spotlight Reporting.
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EndGame don’t just build software. They combine business acumen with technical brilliance to build visionary software, exceptionally well.
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Cloud Apps

Partnering with EndGame is the best investment you can make in your software.

We love designing, planning and building great web apps. Leverage our skills in rapid productization and business architecture to launch your product into the cloud.
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Being in the cloud is about being connected. We can help.

EndGame have integrated dozens of cloud applications and can help integrate your app for your entire userbase, as well as integrating a suite of tools for an individual business.
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Any cloud software can be extended to meet the demands of your business.

Turn good products into great tools by adding features, enhancements or reports to the cloud software your business relies on.
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Mobile Apps

Get close to your users and extend the reach of your cloud app.

Talk to us about creating iOS and Android apps that stand alone, or complement your cloud app, harnessing the incredible features of the latest mobile platforms.


The integration platform.

A platform for integrating cloud applications. Hoist is a cost-effective and scalable solution for any cloud integration.

Hoist was launched out of EndGame in 2013 in response to the huge amount of integration demand and is a proven server-less option for complex integrations.


Rataora provides best practice clinical management and decision support services for healthcare professionals.

Rataora’s CaseStream technology allows real time decision support, based on client interactions and data collected from screens and forms.
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Putting the power of business intelligence at your fingertips.

Spotlight Reporting is Xero's #1 reporting partner and provides stunning management reports.

EndGame has been the trusted development partner of Spotlight Reporting since 2010 and provides design and development services with expertise in cloud software and solid accounting knowledge.


Capacity planning done right.

PlanRight is a capacity planning add-on for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager. It makes managing workload for you and your team a breeze.
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Hazman is a risk management solution for port and harbour authorities.

Hazman’s risk algorithm, developed over years of industry experience, calculates baseline and inherent risk scores providing hazard and incident management for the harbour authorities around the world.
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EndGame Work

Arthur MP

EndGame's digital signage platform plays advertising to Cisco and Samsung displays and currently serves over 1.5 million ads per day across a network of 600 screens.


EndGame developed the Spotlight application, a powerful management reporting and business intelligence tool, including the underlying visual reporting engine.

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PlanRight is a capacity planning add-on for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager. It makes managing workload for you and your team a breeze.

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Hive is a prototype app to explore better ways of scheduling projects and teams.

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Foxton Fizz

A mobile app allowing cafes to re-stock their fridge with Foxton Fizz


Kowerka is a private workplace social network, based around health and wellness challenges.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl Mail gives you total control over your email signatures and designs.

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Moxy Reports

Moxy Reports is a cloud reporting engine developed by EndGame to provide HTML, PDF, Excel and Word reporting with stunning SVG charts and graphics. Moxy is used within many of the cloud applications developed by EndGame.

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Every cloud application needs a help centre and dash is a simple help centre powered by Google Docs.

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Hazman is a risk management solution for port and harbour authorities. EndGame converted the Windows based application into a multi-tenanted cloud application.

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RP Hub

RP Hub integrates a server-based POS with Xero, using Hoist.


Ordamatic is a brand new solution for the hospitality industry to buy and sell products. As a business-to-business cloud solution, EndGame have designed the application to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet the modern demands.


EndGame integrated the Hedgebook app with Chargify for subscription billing.


Rataora uses web-based software to provide clinical management tools and decision support services for health care professionals.

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Yellow Card

An iPhone app guiding trainee doctors through a physical examimation.

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Umbrella Health

A resilience survey and reporting for research and corporate health.

WorkflowMax / Zendesk

EndGame built a Zendesk widget for WorkflowMax.


Powering the integration between PracticePlus websites and WorkflowMax

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Maori Womens Development

EndGame developed a loan add-on for Xero.

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The time tracker for WFM that you'll love to use. TimeSlice is a visual calendar for the whole team, built by EndGame.

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Xero Workpapers

Workpapers, a Xero product - developed by EndGame, takes compliance work out of spreadsheets and into the cloud, while also expediting the process with integrated Xero data, online client queries and an improved, simplified workflow.

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GIFI Gopher

A Xero add-on for the Canadian market to help with filing tax returns.

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A integration between printing.com's cloud API and Xero, used by franchisees around the world

Xero Toolbox

A cloud application to help Xero customers import data into Xero. Built for Xero, by EndGame.

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About Us

EndGame builds game-changing software for high growth businesses.

We have a passion for business and a passion for software. Our DNA is to design well, build well, and invest well. To our customers this looks like beautiful products which are outstanding to use, elegantly engineered, and empower them to achieve what they thought was impossible. To us, it looks like fun.

Every project we do is an opportunity to invest, to learn, and to do better than last time. We love to dream big, to know what’s possible, but to thrive on challenges.

As a team we have international experience, development know-how, and have spent a lot of time in the start-up world. We have worked in practically every business sector. We like an agile approach - which means regular cycles of development and review along the project path with a high degree of collaboration with our customers.

We are here for the success of your business. So, how can we help?

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The Team

Meet the team who design, build, support and maintain our products.

We are a collection of amazing people. It’s actually true. We have the freedom and tools to pursue the best outcomes we possibly can. And we love it.