Spotlight Reporting

Andrew Butel
February 21, 2019

This case study is from May 2016 has been reposted from the EndGame website.

Xero’s leading reporting add-on

EndGame helped Spotlight solve a real problem and address a great market opportunity.

The story behind Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting is a suite of four cloud-based reporting tools which gives businesses the ability to:

  • create easy-to-read performance reports quickly
  • create a one page reporting dashboard
  • create cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet projections
  • manage reporting for multiple entities

In Spotlight’s early days, Chief Executive Richard Francis produced reports for his clients manually, taking many hours each to prepare. He wanted to generate a report for each of his clients with just one click so he could focus his time on adding value to their businesses. His solution was to combine over 100 different data streams provided by Xero to produce the Spotlight Reporting tool.

Five years later, Spotlight Reporting has emerged as Xero’s leading reporting add-on as well as a mature business with a fully fledged team of sales, support and product people.

The tools give accountants and advisers a clearer picture of their clients’ businesses, and can include financial and non-financial KPIs, a highly customisable gallery of charts and graphs, and an executive summary with highlights and recommendations.

EndGame are great developers and very proficient with the latest technology and APIs which they’ve been able to build into our products.
Nik George, Product Manager - Spotlight Reporting

An ongoing relationship

In its early stages, Richard engaged the services of EndGame to help develop Spotlight Reporting into the tool he had envisaged. The relationship brought together Spotlight’s industry experience and EndGame’s development knowhow to build best-fit tools for the industry.

As they began to work together, Spotlight and EndGame decided on a monthly development cycle for the reporting tools. This meant feedback from end users could be incorporated into product updates quickly, keeping Spotlight Reporting at the forefront of the market’s changing demands.

Nik says EndGame have always taken a collaborative approach which is important given Spotlight Reporting now has its own team of senior developers and product owners:

“Often when there have been obstacles, we’ve been able to throw it back at Andrew and his team and count on them to provide more options. EndGame has been committed to making our products work right from the beginning.”

Product/market fit

The end result of the collaboration has been the powerful and flexible suite of tools which makes up Spotlight Reporting. These tools fill a gap in the market and make a great fit for accountants and business owners in New Zealand, Australia, U.K., and the US.

Spotlight Reporting was a start-up with a great idea and has now become a fully viable and successful company with an enduring client base. EndGame is proud to have played a part in its success and is excited about what the future holds.


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