And you can call me AL - 2023 Waza

Andrew Cox
October 12, 2023

At EndGame we are always keeping one eye on the future, and currently can there be anything more futuristic than AI?  So much so that we have built our own product, called Hoist, that looks to solve the problems that raw LLMs cause for a services business. We call ours Wintermute (in a wink to the futurist William Gibson).

In order to fully dog food Wintermute with the team, it was decided that we should do a Waza that would embrace the creativity that LLMs bring to the workplace. 

What is a Waza you ask? (unfortunately you can’t ask your AI just yet). Waza is our R&D style day, where we get to work on something different and with people outside of our usual teams.  It's a key part of our learning and mastery journey at EndGame, allowing everyone to think outside the box and develop skills and tools they can take back into their daily work. And of course, have a laugh, share some food and build those oh-so-important personal connections.

Hence “And you can call me AL” (forgive my Dad joke with the play on AL to AI), or 🔥🧠🫶🤖. The challenge was to build something in Hoist, utilising AI to enhance their work life. 

Our Waza day resulted in eight awesome apps being built. The teams were: - making Wintermute create a tough quiz
Timesheet - helping you do your timesheets through positive reinforcement
EG Librarian - look up books in our library and get a recommendation of the next one to read
PromptEngineer.AI - help the other teams write amazing prompts
Context Switching - how much does the context switch cost you and can Wintermute help
DDD Generator - generate diagrams and code for a domain. - why fix bugs at 1am when Wintermute can do it for you
Video Game Generator - cause EndGame should make games!

At the end of the day the teams demoed their amazing progress, and I had to judge a winner.  Now, I am not one to have favourites, but I chose the Video Game Generator, (as deep down why don't we make a game?)  

Watch the demos here and tell me if I got it right!

And now a bit more about EndGame!

We exist to empower innovative people to bring software ideas to life. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to push boundaries and continuously improve. To help them do this, everyone has a generous five hours of professional development time each week to spend on their learning. And we can’t wait to see how they use some of this time to continue developing their Hoist apps to make their work easier.

To find out more about how we work at EndGame, reach out to one of the team on 

And if you’re curious how AI can help enhance your work, check out to join the beta.

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