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Cloud Apps

We build cloud applications. Scroll down to find out about a few apps we have on the go.

Made with purpose

We love that little fern that Mojo put in your coffee ... under the lid. Its the superfluous touch, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen that signifies a product made with care and purpose.


Empowering people

Good software empowers people and gets out of the way. Great software breaks through into what people previously thought was impossible or what hasn't yet been imagined.


Great business models

Having a great idea is nice and building a beautiful product is all good, but both are in vain without the right business model. We're just as interested in the success of your product as you are, so investing well is a priority.


Have a look at what we've been up to.

Hoist Apps

Hoist is a platform for building and hosting custom cloud apps.

Cost Effective

The Hoist platform provides all the common features that cloud apps need. Managing users, authentication, storing data and files, sending notifications. With Hoist, the backend of your app is taken care of, allowing you to focus on creating the front end, customised to your business requirements. Building custom cloud apps within your budget and timeframe is made possible.

Custom Apps

Hoist is the ideal way to build custom cloud apps for your business. The Hoist platform provides the security and reliability you expect from any cloud app, with single sign-on for your users and the ability to connect data between your Hoist apps and other cloud apps.

Talk to us about developing custom apps for you on the Hoist platform, or signup and develop your own custom apps.


Hive is changing the way you manage people and projects.

Visual, fun & collaborative

Hive gives you visibility of what projects are on the go, who's working on them and are you over (or under!) capacity.

One Page Apps

Hive's elegant user interface is a nice demonstration of a modern web app. Data is streamed in as needed, views are changed seamlessly and its quick.

Multi-user event stack

Behind the scenes, every action from adding a task, to scrolling the calendar is fired to the event controller which broadcasts it to other users and provides history and user-level undo and redo.

Moxy Reports

Moxy Reports

Reports and charts with punch.

  • SVG Charts

    Moxy charts use SVG to draw great looking charts in HTML and PDF. SVG allows charts to be scalable, fully styleable and interactive when viewed online.
  • Cloud Reporting Engine

    The Moxy chart and report engine produces great looking HTML, PDF and Excel reports from your data. Moxy is designed for cloud applications that need a powerful and flexible report centre.


Check out Moxy in action


From Xero to the board room with Spotlight insight and analysis.

  • Best of Breed

    Best of breed companies like Xero create an eco-system for tried-and-tested concepts such as Spotlight to reach a world-wide market as a well built cloud application.
  • Smart Business

    Cloud applications offer many efficiencies to a business, but few provide an opportunity to on-sell a high value service to your clients. Spotlight reports is a great business model, offering accountants a lucrative business opportunity by providing insight and analysis to their clients.


It's win-win-win. Find out more


Loaded is a service for managing personal wealth, and a unique online sales channel for financial institutions and trusted advisors.

  • Drag and drop

    Loaded uses a drag and drop interface to help users with a large amount of data entry. Colour coded icons and charts give instant feedback on the information being entered.
  • Forecast decision making

    Loaded uses a number of financial models to forecast networth, but also allows decisions to be forecast by allowing changing assumptions (such as tax and interest) and scenarios to be compared in the forecast.


Workpapers is an advanced, online compliance tool for progressive accountants.

More than Cloud

Workpapers takes compliance work out of spreadsheets and into the cloud, while also expediting the process with integrated Xero data, online client queries and an improved, simplified work-flow.

Job Transparency

Workpapers uses a range of status icons and notifications to expose data that is available and missing, from line-by-line detail up-to the dashboard view for partners. Transparency helps each job to be completed accurately and on time.


Rataora provides best practice clinical management tools and decision support services for social workers and health care professionals.

  • Decision support

    Rataora's CaseStream technology allows real time decision support, based on client interactions and data collected from forms within Rataora and other systems.
  • See more

    Visualising data means caseworkers can see more at a glance and spot risks earlier. Its showing the caseworker what they've never had visibility of before.


Dash is an online help centre, providing user documentation to accompany your cloud application.

  • Powered by Google Docs

    Dash uses Google Docs for content management - making use of the powerful file management, editing and collaboration features provided by Google Docs.
  • and Google SiteSearch

    Dash uses Google SiteSearch to provide the best search over your content.


Check out Dash in action


Hazman is a risk management solution for port & harbour authorities.

  • Hazards, Risks & Controls

    Hazman's risk algorithm, developed over years of industry experience, calculates baseline and inherent risk scores so you can rank, manage and mitigate over multiple risk registers.
  • Auditability

    Reviewing hazards and controls is an important step to preventing incidents and managing potential liability. Hazman notifies users when hazards are due for review and maintains a full audit log.


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