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Maori Womens Development

EndGame delivers custom Xero reporting for Maori Women’s Development, Inc


As an accounting system, Xero is without peer – and when businesses start using it, they often discover that they’d like to put even more of their business into the cloud. In cases like these, Wellington-based software developer EndGame has the answer. Recently, it developed an internal reporting system for Maori Women’s Development, Inc. (MWDI) that extends Xero, allowing for the improved administration and management of its loan portfolio.

“EndGame has created an internal loan reporting system that draws directly on financial information in Xero. As a result, the delivery of meaningful reports in a more effective and efficient way for both CEO and Governance reporting is streamlined,” says MWDI accountant Linda Clay.

Linda Clay

Accountant, MWDI

We met with a number of software developers, all of which assured us that they could do what we wanted. However, until we engaged with EndGame, we weren’t confident in getting what we needed.

Client profile and business problem

A development organisation, MWDI provides loans for Maori women to establish a business of their own. Managing its loan book is therefore a core activity for the company.

Prior to EndGame’s intervention, Clay says administration of loan statements was largely done manually. Information drawn from the Xero system was entered into Microsoft Excel documents and either emailed or posted to clients. “This was a cumbersome, potentially error-prone, and time-consuming process,” she relates.

Understanding the challenge

With a growing loan portfolio – and a desire to improve efficiency – MWDI sought an automated solution. “We met with a number of software developers, all of which assured us that they could do what we wanted. However, until we engaged with EndGame, we weren’t confident in getting what we needed,” continues Clay.

What made EndGame stand out, she says, is that CEO Andrew Butel is not only a programmer, but also has accounting experience. “Immediately, he was talking the same language we were, so we knew he understood what was required from an accounting perspective, while also being able to deliver the necessary programming to make it happen.”

Rapid response

In a project which ran over some two months and comprised of design and then development/testing phases, the Xero add-on was created and delivered. Clay says it went live in December 2012.

“The results were immediate. We got all the loans loaded up before Christmas and right away could see the system doing what was required. It produces statements which show the loan value, amounts due, interest due and any overdue amounts. As a result, it is far easier for us to create and deliver statements of account, which are automatically drawn directly from Xero and emailed to clients. For those who don’t have email, the statements are printed and posted,” she explains.

By automating the process, a tedious manual workload is removed from MWDI’s accounting department. But there is also a benefit for the organisation’s clients: “They get an accurate statement on time, every time,” Clay confirms. “It’s a lot more efficient and it saves time – and time is money.”

Get more from Xero

Butel says that among other things, EndGame specialises in delivering custom items on Xero that help customers get more from their accounting software. “Many businesses start using Xero and only then fully appreciate what the cloud can deliver. With their eyes opened, they want more from the system, often in line with their specific business model or processes. We solve that problem with custom development that makes good business sense.”

Combining business acumen with proven software development methodologies, he says EndGame takes pride in delivering risk-free solutions that add real value.

That’s confirmed by MWDI’s Clay: “This project was delivered on time and well within budget. It makes our business more efficient and our lives easier. Are we happy? Most definitely.”

To discuss a custom Xero add-on for your business, contact Andrew Butel on andrew@end-game.com or +64 21 511 906.

Linda Clay

Accountant, MWDI

This project was delivered on time and well within budget. It makes our business more efficient and our lives easier. Are we happy? Most definitely.

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