Hazman is a cloud based risk management application from Marico Marine, developed for the cloud by EndGame to Marico requirements and subscribed to by port authorities around the world.

The risk ranking algorithm built within Hazman has been developed from years of maritime and risk industry experience and assists port authorities around the world with effective risk, hazard and incident management.


Hazman I was a windows based application that paved the way for the Hazman II cloud application

In its original incarnation Hazman I worked competently as a risk management tool, however the software could not be easily modified or updated and was not web-enabled, which restricted access to PCs that had downloaded the application.

Marico Marine’s Managing Director, John Riding, needed to find a new lease of life for the software which was, as he puts it, "slowly dying".

"We were trying to make a decision and I think we talked to about five firms [in New Zealand]. Then we sat down and talked to Andrew Butel from EndGame who we found to be very good. We found that EndGame had a very easy contracting system and were very flexible to deal with."

As Hazman II was developed, John appreciated EndGame’s commitment to make the software completely fit-for-purpose and their willingness to iron out unexpected end results when the software came to be tested.

John Riding

CEO, Marico Marine

Our problem is always that we’re busy people so the software not working quite how we expected we would say is a 'bug'. Andrew would accept that and go and sort it out whereas not every developer would.


Hazman II is now a highly flexible, customisable and configurable risk management tool. The software is now web-enabled which means it’s now accessible from every PC or Mac with web access. Hazman II is also written to be easily extendible, allowing the software to be modified and updated more easily.

Product Features

New features of Hazman II include:

Active risk reduction – Hazman II now enables users to assess how effective their risk control measures will be. Each mitigation measure can be examined to find out which measures reduce risk the most and the results can be tracked over time.

An incident reporting database – through a pubic URL on the port authority website, users of the harbour area can log the location, time, and nature of incidents, helping the port to identify and score hazards more effectively. The database also uses Google maps with nautical chart overlays to clearly show where risk hot spots are.

Risk reporting – Hazman II can now generate risk reports, which can be exported as PDFs, Excel files, and Word documents to help customers produce clear, concise and practical reports more quickly and easily.

Audit function - Hazman II gives an option to record an audit log of all actions that take place in the system providing an audit trail of an organisation’s risk management activity. The Hazman dashboard will also identify any hazard or mitigation reviews that are due.

The Future

John is excited about the future of Hazman, and the ongoing relationship between Marico Marine and EndGame to develop and tweak the software.

One exciting development would see the transponders placed in each shipping vessel used to pinpoint their exact position using Hazman. Hazman would track each transponder, and provide the user with a real-time update of each vessel’s location using Google Maps or nautical charts.

John Riding

CEO, Marico Marine

We’re happy to have a long term relationship with EndGame which is to mutual benefit.

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