Designing your cloud application

Cloud apps are custom designed to meet your exact needs, but there are some common user interface components that we use to get started. During the design process, we will look at your requirements and evaluate your app based on the following.

Based on these, an application is designed, but will typically use user interface components as described below.


The navbar is the header that sits at the top of each page and provides a menu, shortcuts, the title of the page and the breadcrumbs which help the user keep track of where they are and how they got there.

Navbar Navbar


Tabs are used to group information and make it quickly accessible.



The dashboard is often a visual summary of your application, giving you a breakdown of the information managed by the app and a quick way to jump into information.



Often we will want to display a table of records, showing complex information and actions for each record. Tables are designed to layout information so it can be quickly scanned, while also making key information easy to find.

Table of records


When thousands of records need to be displayed, then lists are used which can be filtered. Lists are also paged, so only 50-100 records are displayed at a time, making them very fast to load.

List of records

View page

Each record in your app will be viewable and the view page can be designed based on the type.

Viewing a record


Forms are designed specifically to add or edit each type of record. These pages take into account the workflows of your users, to ensure the data entry is quick and accurate.

Data entry form


Photos and documents can be uploaded, managed and downloaded - all associated with relevant data in your app.

Upload photos


Charts can be added to any page in your app to give you a visual summary of your data. We can also build custom charts and diagrams if you have a specific way you’d like to see your data displayed.

Sample Charts


Google maps can be embedded in your application to display locations, routes and regions.

Embedding Google Maps

Custom displays

Information can be displayed in any visual format to make it easier to consume and work with. Drag and drop, touch and keyboard shortcuts can all be used to make the interface quick and easy to use.

Visual display of bookings


Our Moxy reporting engine provides powerful and custom built reports for your application which can be viewed online and exported to PDF, Word and Excel. Reports can include charts, tables, written summaries and can include drilldowns to provide links to other reports. A report centre can be included to cover all of your reporting requirements and reports can also be published to create a snapshot of the report data.

Visual reporting

EndGame Work

Arthur MP

EndGame's digital signage platform plays advertising to Cisco and Samsung displays and currently serves over 1.5 million ads per day across a network of 600 screens.


EndGame developed the Spotlight application, a powerful management reporting and business intelligence tool, including the underlying visual reporting engine.

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PlanRight is a capacity planning add-on for WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager. It makes managing workload for you and your team a breeze.

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Hive is a prototype app to explore better ways of scheduling projects and teams.

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Foxton Fizz

A mobile app allowing cafes to re-stock their fridge with Foxton Fizz


Kowerka is a private workplace social network, based around health and wellness challenges.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl Mail gives you total control over your email signatures and designs.

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Moxy Reports

Moxy Reports is a cloud reporting engine developed by EndGame to provide HTML, PDF, Excel and Word reporting with stunning SVG charts and graphics. Moxy is used within many of the cloud applications developed by EndGame.

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Every cloud application needs a help centre and dash is a simple help centre powered by Google Docs.

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Hazman is a risk management solution for port and harbour authorities. EndGame converted the Windows based application into a multi-tenanted cloud application.

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RP Hub

RP Hub integrates a server-based POS with Xero, using Hoist.


Ordamatic is a brand new solution for the hospitality industry to buy and sell products. As a business-to-business cloud solution, EndGame have designed the application to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to meet the modern demands.


EndGame integrated the Hedgebook app with Chargify for subscription billing.


Rataora uses web-based software to provide clinical management tools and decision support services for health care professionals.

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Yellow Card

An iPhone app guiding trainee doctors through a physical examimation.

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Umbrella Health

A resilience survey and reporting for research and corporate health.

WorkflowMax / Zendesk

EndGame built a Zendesk widget for WorkflowMax.


Powering the integration between PracticePlus websites and WorkflowMax

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Maori Womens Development

EndGame developed a loan add-on for Xero.

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The time tracker for WFM that you'll love to use. TimeSlice is a visual calendar for the whole team, built by EndGame.

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Xero Workpapers

Workpapers, a Xero product - developed by EndGame, takes compliance work out of spreadsheets and into the cloud, while also expediting the process with integrated Xero data, online client queries and an improved, simplified workflow.

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GIFI Gopher

A Xero add-on for the Canadian market to help with filing tax returns.

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A integration between's cloud API and Xero, used by franchisees around the world

Xero Toolbox

A cloud application to help Xero customers import data into Xero. Built for Xero, by EndGame.